384,400 km

is how far we are from the moon.

letswalk there, together.

Imagine walking up to the moon.

And earn some tokens along the way.🥳

Introducing letswalk

A web3 app that players like you can earn money with while walking up to space.

To start...

Download letswalk app

Alpha & beta access in Q3 2022.

Get shoes

Shoes and characters determine your pace. Shoes are available in Q2 2022.

Start walking!

Each step you take is one step closer to the moon.

Start earning!

Earn money in two of our three modes.

We have NFTs for everyone.

Meet your new NFT buddies.

A unique character for every player.

You need a pair of shoes to walk.

They are NFTs and come with different attributes and rarities.

And there are a lot of exciting things in space to explore...

Let's do it together!

Team up with others from your community for twice the fun! 👀

We haven't launched yet. Let's get in touch!

Follow us on Twitter for our news and launch date. We're gonna drop some exciting news soon!


letswalk is a mobile step-counter app built on the Ethereum blockchain to promote walking, the simplest activity anyone can do, by incentivizing users.

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